First Post! Starting our nursery…

So much to do, so little time!

Since I pretty much wanted to start designing the nursery the *moment* we found out I was pregnant, I was overly excited to finally find out the gender of our little nugget. Once we found out we were having a girl (insert all the heart emojis), I took to Pinterest and design blogs to find our design theme! My husband was pretty much on board with whatever (insert more heart emojis), so at 5 months pregnant, we got to work designing our nursery!

Phase 1: Paint…. and Wallpaper! *gasp*

room 5

panoramic shot, not curved walls 🙂

Here’s what we started with…a room that has housed a few different male roommates over the years.  Blank canvas, minus the dirty walls and carpet. In this pic, you can vaguely see the three pink paint samples we were deciding between, to the right of the window, and on the far left of this picture.  I always paint swatches on at least 2 walls, to see them in different lighting. I wanted a really muted, but still bright, pink for the walls, and a warm, cozy mint for the inside of the closet (hoping to avoid “hospital green,” husband’s words). 🙂

room 6

The paint samples we purchased

We chose Candy Floss and Establish Mint, both in the Premium Plus Ultra, paint and primer in one.  Candy Floss was actually in the “Red Tinted Whites” section…all the actual pinks were WAY too pink! We got it at Home Depot on a day they were having a “$10 off each gallon of paint sale,” so we totally scored 🙂 We ended up painting the guest bath/baby bath Establish Mint as well, since we only painted the interior of the closet this color and had a lot of paint leftover. We love it!

room 4

So! Away we went with the paint. I’m the “edger” and husband is the “roller,” so after two rounds of edging, three rounds of rolling, and a serious imprint of a face mask…

room 7

…we had a very well painted room.  In a perfect world, we would have paid the extra $$$ to get Behr Marquee, which has a one coat guarantee (hard to believe in my opinion, but someone please prove me wrong!), but I’m frugal, so we went with the next best option of paint, and painted three coats.

room 3

Before Mint paint and wallpaper (I need cuter painting clothes)

We decided to wallpaper the wall surrounding the closet. Our original plan was to install fake ship-lap (Hi Joanna Gaines!!) on this wall, which we’ve done before in another one of our bathrooms and it turned out SO great, but this room is already really small and we didn’t want to take any space out of the room.  Also, I would have wanted to white-wash it, but the idea of getting the wood, staining, cutting, hammering, measuring more, cutting again…I just wasn’t feelin it this time around.

After some research, I went to Wallpaper Direct, and ordered 6 samples.  The first 3 are free, and each additional is only $1, and shipping is free! Shipping is also really fast, I think we got our samples in 2-3 business days.  We decided on Planks, also super fast, free shipping, and also decided that we were going to hang it horizontally instead of vertically.  This is a European company, and they don’t ship their paste to the States, so we went to Home Depot and bought paste, and a few tools. Neither of us had ever wallpapered before, so this was a serious test of our relationship, bc neither of us are fans of not knowing what we’re doing! (and I’m a perfectionist, to say the least.) But thanks to YouTube, and our undying love smily 1, we prevailed, and by the end we had a great system down, and we’re obsessed with how it turned out!

room 2


room 8

Shot from the hallway door

Stay tuned for the fun part! Lighting, organization, and decor!



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