The Closet

Fact: Whoever invented those generic, white, wire shelves that have bars attached to the back so you can’t slide hangers from left to right, and are SO insanely embedded into your closet walls, clearly never tried to use them. They are the worst right?? If you ever lived in an apartment in your early twenties, you know what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture, but you get the idea of what our nursery closet looked like before we ripped it all out, patched the wholes, and painted. In case you didn’t see our first post about paint, here’s the clean slate we were working with.


small.  and boring.

After some Pinspiration, we decided to go with a self-made closet system. Naturally, we head to IKEA! There are quite a few Pins out there with tutorials on how to do this, but they use the old EXPEDIT shelving systems, which unfortunately they don’t make anymore. So we took some measurements, and went with the next best thing, the KALLAX unit. Basically the same thing as EXPEDIT, but the downside is that it’s not as tall. So, we made our own adjustments 🙂

First, we had to decide where the KALLAX unit was going to be placed in the closet, so we could anchor it to the wall.  If our daughter is anything like her father, the shelf will be climbed and conquered. Since we decided to use these rails (**Please see edit below for updated rail option!**) for the hanging rods, and they wouldn’t fit on either side of the shelf unit if the unit was centered, we decided to offset the shelf.


husband installing the anchor

Next, we had to cut the shelves. We bought this one to go across the top, and two of these for additional shelving. The longer of the two shelves has a metal bracket on the back for installation, but luckily we were able to just cut a little bit off of each end without affecting the hardware. We just used the floating technique that the shelf comes with.


Mount to wall, slide shelf on! Voila!

And since IKEA stuff if fabulous, but not always the highest quality, the shelf sloped down slightly towards us, once we slid it on. We planned ahead for this, and installed two of these on either side of the closet walls to support the shelf and make it level.

Next we installed the three shelves on either side of the KALLAX unit. We were able to make 3 shelves out of the 2 we purchased. We cut the shelves, screwed the metal rods to the bottom, and then used the white brackets to install them to the back wall.


In case you were curious about what the inside of LACK shelving looked like.

And that’s pretty much it! We left the space empty on the left so that we can fit a hamper in there. And we might end up moving the lower right shelf down a bit, because when little tiny clothes are hung on the rod above, it doesn’t leave enough space to utilize the shelf for shoes, which was the plan (I underestimated the height of baby hangers).

The last thing I’m going to get are the drawer inserts for one of the empty KALLAX spaces. Since we’re not putting the closet door back on, I *need* it to look as organized as possible! And I’m going to get a cute jar (probably to hold headbands!) to fill the space where the two rods didn’t make it all the way across.

closet 1


so tiny!

Total Cost: $131.91! ($151.91 after I buy the drawers)

Totally worth doing this yourself!

Long LACK shelf
Shorter LACK shelf
Drawer Inserts

EDIT: Old rails were discontinued 😦 However, these would most likely work!


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