Hospital Prep! (Updated)

Well we are officially in “get serious” mode.  Our due date is 1 month from tomorrow, and (dare I say it), I think we’re ready!

Last week we installed the car seat bases in both cars, and the car seat in mine. We received our car seat/base at my Baby Shower…and then we totally scored on our local Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook group, and got two Chicco bases and an extra car seat for 40 bucks!! Our third base will go to my mom’s house, and it’s always nice to have an extra car seat 🙂

Next hurdle to jump was the hospital bag. If you feel like getting overwhelmed, try typing that into Pinterest. So many opinions! And of course, I’m adding mine to the mix 🙂 I looked at nurse’s lists, new mom lists, mother of 3 lists…etc., etc.  So here is what I’ve come up with.

Goody Bag from the hospital!

These are all things that were on my list, but now I don’t have to worry about getting them ahead of time and packing them 🙂 And my midwife said I can always ask for a few extra before we leave. Handy dandy…

  • Pacifier (not sure if we’re using yet, but who knows)
  • Bulb suction (not the type that breaks apart to clean, so this one will be used, then tossed!)
  • Potty Pads“…cute, I know.
  • GIANT Pads. Seriously have you seen these! I don’t even know how they fit in your underoos
  • GIANT underoos…for the giant pads…probably won’t ask for more of these 🙂
  • A few newborn diapers
  • Tucks. Will definitely be asking for more of these.
  • Tiny kimono style newborn top
  • Adult size socks
  • Peri bottle

The Fun Stuff


A few little things to keep me as calm as I can be!

  • Baby hand and foot prints kit! This was a gift, so I’m not sure where it was purchased
  • Comfy Grippy Socks
  • A more photogenic hospital gown.  For post delivery. I was told this one was a good choice, bc it has the snaps in the front for breast feeding, as well as snaps in the back. Please note it SNAPS in the back, no loose ties or breezy-ness!
  • Flameless Candles. I’m obsessed with these! They actually feel kind of waxy, and the glow is very similar to a real candle. Can’t wait to use these around the house!
  • Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Essential Oils.  I’m bringing Lavender and Eucalyptus!

The Comfy Stuff


“Regular” Clothes to wear home from the hospital!

  • Nursing Camis. I’m bringing two, but bought a few more than that 🙂
  • Nursing Bras. Again, H&M. These are the comfiest I’ve found.  Bringing one, and I’ll be wearing one.
  • Boy Shorts. Bringing a 3 pack, bought more for home.
  • Maternity Sweats. In case of a C-section, I don’t want anything that will cut across my midsection. These are the over-belly kind, but can also fold down pretty low if that’s what I feel like wearing.
  • Jersey Top. This isn’t from their maternity line, but it’s super cute and soft, and also fits over my belly now, so will work just fine! Also will help me feel a bit more normal 🙂

The Necessary Stuff


  • Birth Plan, two copies
  • Required paperwork I’ll need my doctor to sign for my Maternity Leave
  • Toiletries! Obviously a lot of items not pictured…but I gathered some coupons and just grabbed a new pack of toothbrushes at target (ours are electric and I didn’t want to have to worry about remembering them), some new hair ties bc you can never have too many of those, a mini hairbrush, and chapstick.
  • Will throw in my makeup bag, toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner! We’ll see if I use it 🙂

The Not-Fun Stuff


  • Depends. I’ve heard they’re a lifesaver…and temporary! So don’t panic 🙂
  • Overnight pads
  • Nursing Pads. Just bringing a couple that I got in our free “thank you for registering” box from Amazon.

So, we’ll see how it goes! I’ll update if needed! Good luck mamas 🙂

**Update/Reality Check**

  • LOVED my comfy clothes 🙂 Hopefully you can find something similar!
  • I didn’t end up using my diffuser at the hospital, but I do now! Overall, great purchase 🙂
  • You should of course confirm this with your hospital, but I definitely didn’t need to bring and of the sanitary items! Went home with tons.
  • I got lots of compliments on my hospital gown!
  • I didn’t use the footprint/hand print kit until we got home, since they do footprints for you right away! Also, hand prints on tiny hands is quite the task.
  • The cozy/traction socks were amazing.

2 thoughts on “Hospital Prep! (Updated)

  1. Jenilee says:

    What were the rails? It doesn’t seem to link to the item anymore. I’m going to do this for my kiddos closet too but have not had good luck finding these rails. Thanks!


    • myprettymessblog says:

      Hi Jenilee! I’m glad you asked…bc I went to IKEA last week, and actually noticed that the rails we used have been discontinued 😦 so I’ve been meaning to update this! However, these might work! And they have 3 different sizes, which is nice! They’re not as cheap as the ones we were able to use though :/ Hope that helps!


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